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Chapter 1 "G"

asp! Jayne’s naturally tan hand covered his mouth. It was possible the security camera might show how his cheeks burned from the inside out. Slowly his fingers traced the corners of his chin. He secretly hoped that it would look natural and intelligent. Since the afternoon had crawled by with minimal customers, he had been flipping channels. A missing persons program caught his eye since, there, plastered across the screen was a face he saw on a daily basis. Ashen-faced, he turned the knob on the small TV on the counter to minimize the volume. The slender man’s shaking fingers would not cooperate. First, the volume bounced too low, too high and then tolerably low. Jayne’s throat swallowed the lump again.

Aches and pains ran up and down his body that would only stop if he bolted out the door. Oh, if only he could! Bright sun rays from the giant front windows teasingly beckoned to him. The glass begged to be broken out of the shop in the converted small marine mammal park. The entire oceanarium outside of Bodega Bay, California was once open to the public; now only 1/10th of the main commercial building was being used to house Snake’s Rock: Exotic Pet Shop. It conveniently sat on a corner near several abandoned buildings and large vacant parking lots, almost perfect isolation to hide the torment inside.


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