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Trademark Design


Rising from the ashes, your favorite public figure has danced through the depths of hell. Once a street rat, a tossed away rag, she conquered her enemy Fear, Hate, Discrimination, thus truly inspiring others around her whether they are liberals or conservatives.
Adopting a derogatory referral as Princess, she recognizes the responsibility leading others to watch out for the little guy.
Trolling both liberals and conservatives on Facebook, Princess Gangsta aids in reminding them to think about how they treat each other.
This courageous and royal symbol is something special that lords and ladies of all ages can appreciate and sport with pride.
“Let go of surviving trials and tribulations, its time to live, love, learn and laugh again.”-Jae Byrd Wells

This trademarked artwork was illustrated by Geo Brawn IV for use as Jae Byrd Wells symbol.


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