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Patience Tried and True


The sky had fallen last night in other parts of the land, but not where I had slept. Going about my day, I smelled the air and enjoyed the few clouds floating about the bright sun. Merrily,  I traveled to the second closest town to run several errands before I landed at the last one, the grocery store. I sighed for the day had been very long.


It has been a rough road with three surgeries on my ankle and the day had drained me of strength.


Oh, how wonderful it was to find out that the store had an electric cart. The staff was very kind and even shocked me when they offered to place my crutches behind a counter. Best shopping ever, well, I at least looked forward to it. No sooner had I reached the back of the store when all the lights and electricity shut off leaving us alone in the dark.


A lady nearby seemed slightly disturbed. I used the glimpse of light to barely find the milk when I mentioned to her that at least we were safe and we weren’t in for a dizzy like a city that had the sky fall on them literally. The stranger agreed.


A few employees busied themselves about by handing out a few flashlights. The flashlight I received had to be reminded a few times of its duty by gently shaking it. An employee or two helped me fetch some things along my interesting dark journey. The incredible peace I felt caused my heart to soar with adventure pushing me forward. When I reached the end of my checklist, I briefly parked by the counter where my crutches were hiding. One lady and I chatted about checking out when her manager piped in a bit. Again, the attitude was nice and humor filled the nearby staff about not stealing my crutches. They asked me where I lived and I politely told them that I lived 20 minutes away and had no choice but to get the items on my list. They agreed that my distance was not worth a returning trip. When the vote was final that we were waiting for the power to be turned on, I found myself looking toward the dark and the windows that let in a little light. Smiling, I told them that I was patient; I could wait. Nodding my confidence followed.


Not a minute later, the power turned on and the manager opened up a lane so that I didn’t have to go behind the three lanes that opened up to the anxious crowd. Payment went through without the trouble that they feared and the bagger helped me out to the vehicle. He even asked me if he could help me put my crutches in the back.


The whole day had been so pleasant. People were kind everywhere in every building that I had visited. Briefly, I remembered the many times that I had felt like an outsider. Taking a breath in, I smiled because life was indeed pleasant and warm. Speaking of warm, I looked at the sky. Where was the sun? Why did it look so ugly out? I thought the storms had passed us by. I immediately prayed that I had not given that woman false hope that there were to be no storms. However, peace about my dark adventure filled my cup to where it ran over and I could not help but grin from ear to ear.


The interesting thing about my adventure is that throughout 3 ankle surgeries, I thought praying for patience had brought disaster. Come on, do not tread on me. You, too, have heard people say, “Never pray for patience, because you will always be given trials to earn your patience.”


Today, I had a reminder that having patience can still be rewarding and bless you and others around you.

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