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Don’t Fret; There’s Truth In Labels


Do you listen to your spiritual leader without question?

Did they tell you, “Don’t eat these products, they contain aborted fetuses!”

“HEK CELL (Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells), also often referred to as HEK 293, 293 cells, or less precisely as HEK cells are a specific cell line originally derived from human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture. HEK 293 cells are very easy to grow and transfect very readily and have been widely-used in cell biology research for many years. They are also used by the biotechnology industry to produce therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy.

Below is a list of products that contain HEK cells.

HEK cell Products;

Pepsi Beverages on the Boycott

• All Pepsi soft drinks
• Sierra Mist soft drinks
• Mountain Dew soft drinks
• Mug root beer and other soft drinks
• No Fear beverages
• Ocean Spray beverages
• Seattle’s Best Coffee
• Tazo beverages
• AMP Energy beverages
• Aquafina water
• Aquafina flavored beverages
• DoubleShot energy beverages
• Frappuccino beverages
• Lipton tea and other beverages
• Propel beverages
• SoBe beverages
• Gatorade beverages
• Fiesta Miranda beverages
• Tropicana juices and beverages”

Did your blood boil when you hear it? Well, perhaps there are companies which use the cell in research, but they do not include it in their products. Do you know why?

Have you been ordered to skip reading through the “Old Testament” because it doesn’t matter?

Do you avoid reading Snopes? Don’t avoid my blog because I’ll open my big mouth. I’ll give you something to chew that your fearless leader didn’t tell you! Oh my codfish. I’m going to open up this can of worms with its nonsense by encouraging you think for yourself. I know. I apologize. I swore up and down I would never become an opinion blog or a become a “fake” news site.

However, this fear mongering tactic used by cultist leaders needs to be addressed. When you visit a spiritual place, do they say, “I don’t know, let’s do some research together?” Do they read both sides of the argument or just one side? Perhaps not.

When you skip reading the “Old Testament”, you are missing a key fact. Orthodox Jews, Chasidic Jews, Hebrews, all keep the Torah to the best of their ability. Some even break the Torah by placing the Talmud above the Torah. There are Messianic and Reform Jews informed about this little fact which guides them on their journey of shopping for their dietary needs.

This little symbol is immaterial unless you know what you are looking for. It’s called a KOSHER SYMBOL. Look for a Kosher Symbol on the product in question. If the food, or cleaning product’s label contains an adequate Kosher Symbol, then it DOES NOT CONTAIN aborted fetuses. That would be cannibalism which is an actual sin, transgression according to the Torah inside the “Old Testament”.

Stop listening intently to the misinformed and study for yourself. This “horrible” rumor is nothing more than a political/corporation ban. Just type “Kosher endorsements”, “Kosher Symbols”, “Kashrut” or “Kosher companies” and you will find more information than just one person telling you a crazy rumor. Hitler used that tactic to spread antisemitism, “The Jews use dead babies and children’s blood in their passover rituals”. This is absurd! Learn from History or you will repeat it.

P=Parve (no milk nor meat) M next to it (Milk)


Do not rely on the symbol “K”. It means that it is scientifically Kosher. They use both pork and beef. They do not have the same dietary strict requirements the Jews keep. The words “Kosher Gelatin” on a yogurt is probably scientific Kosher which means there is no one who inspects it that refrains from eating pork, catfish, human by products. Trust the Kosher symbols. They will help you.



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