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Where is the love?


“Don’t get stuck in the mud,” said the neighbor.

“I won’t.” My mind raced. I thought to myself, I can’t because nobody would get me out even if I asked.  This is the same neighborhood that lied and told us the foodbank was permanently closed. When someone has to ‘sneak’ you food, then you know society sucks.

When a neighbor’s cow is out, I go crazy to make sure they know. The desire flows deep in my veins to protect their herd because that is how I want to be treated. A few weeks ago, my horses wondered outside the fence. Did my neighbor contact me? No. After three days? No. Only after my dogs and child snuck over there did they contact me. Was it a loving, ‘Hey, you child had a bad day and they wanted to connect to my grandchild.’ No. The treatment left shite in our mouths. They call themselves a certain religion that loves others. HAH!

When Jesus said, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” he was merely quoting Torah, and he was quoting the book that is most commonly dismissed as a source of harsh laws: Leviticus 19:18. The point is repeated in Leviticus 19:34: love [the stranger] as thyself.

The passage does not say, “Love only those you care about. Take care of your own kind and hurt those who don’t believe the same as you.” The message is clear. Even though hate exists in the world, do not add to it. Hate is a poison and yes it is very hard not to let it course through your body when those around you despise you. It’s a daily, hourly, minute by minute decision.

I do not care what your personal beliefs you hold to be true, whether they are Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, or Pagan. This world-wide concept is clear as pimple on your face. In order to fix society, one must take the initiative. The time is now to make a personal decision to be kind to others whether or not they are their best friend.

Some say I shouldn’t let people know my weakness, but I would rather be walked on then have strangers say I need to be cursed.

Did I already mention this? If so, bare with me. If not. Here goes. I remember when I tried working by cleaning only to discover the chemicals I used split my body in half. I was highly allergic to chemicals?!? The sensitivity has always been touching the surface of my sanity, but wow. One whiff and I couldn’t breathe. At that moment, the reason escaped me. I passed it off as hormones and hystericalectomy. Many moons later, the discovery was  Lyme relapse caused my body to get really sick around chemicals. Did others condone me for struggling through it to help pay medical bills? No. Were they compassionate that my body overreacted to the chemicals? No. Why should I be kind to them even though they do not care about me or my family?

Because that is the right thing to do!!! In this day and age, no one cares about other’s struggles. They only care about their own. That’s fine and they should, but don’t be nasty about it. Right can be right and wrong should be wrong. Do not mix the two up just because your neighbor does.



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