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Zombies- Definition: Bullies


I’ve had it with the zombies in this industry!

Although I am connected to 18,000 people on Facebook, I was informed that there are those in the comic con world who gossip about me behind my back. Bullies exist in elementary, highschool, comic cons, book industry, music industry, radio industry and the art industry. I asked my informer if there was anything I could do to correct my ‘bad behavior’. He said, “No. You cannot change who you are.” These zombies hate me for being me! They are spreading hate behind my back, telling companies, convention owners to refuse to do anything with me. Well, guess what? I don’t. I walk with a purpose.

I have held my 3 yr old down for doctors to treat him with chemo. Do you think your gossip about me is going to crush me into nothing? HAH. I breastfed 3 kids at the same time to keep my son alive. I almost died in the hospital for my kids’ health. I have fought adrenaline fatigue for many many years. Instead of unfriending a few of these alleged eight known gossipers from my Facebook connections, I wrote a rant on Facebook knowing that the algorithms would deny views based on their prejudices.

I used to be a caterpillar. Now, I am a butterfly. The zombies may not like my colors, but they are color blind. I can fly like an eagle. Watch me. I attempt to love others after others have hated, banished and/or used me. I don’t care. I will go where people want to hang out with me. My smile and laugh is contagious. When a convention is winding down or lame, you will see me dancing around to lift your spirits. You will not see me pouting at a small crowd.

I have no time to waste tears on those who talk bad about me. After waltzing through the valley of the shadow of death on more than one occasion, I will fear no evil. If a zombie doesn’t want to hang with me… Then cool. I will leave them in the dust of my shoes because I seek adventure. Why do I hang with fools? Lower life forms? Perhaps the bullies are the zombies instead of the ones they taunt. Humans are humans. I don’t care about their faults. I care that they deserve the love that’s denied them.

Instead of being encouraged to follow my dreams, I have been dissuaded. However, I will not give up. I will not lie down! I will not roll over. I will spread my wings and find people that want to hang with me!

I will encourage others to live, love learn and laugh again. Don’t want to? Then, I will move on to those that do!

If you say you are my friend, then why leave when I endure hardships. I am done with looking for true friends. Honor, chivalry and respect is a lonely path. I will walk it alone if I must. Close the door on me and I will let you. Open the door and I will bring you joy.

Hang with me. Make a difference in the world around you. Encourage others to follow their dreams. Stop denying creativity! Stop ripping them limb from limb. Do not try to extenguish the grease fire with water! You’ll be burned. Be the flour! Be the light in the dark.

Just Be YOU!


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